Audi a8 safety, Aluminium – the car maker’s metal of the year

Audi a8 safety

A This next slide shows the four dummies which are used inside the car in the test. Пробег 59, km. Бронированный Audi A8 приводит в движение 6,3-литровый мотор W12 мощностью л. Вы достигли предела. Кроме этого здесь нашла свое место более мощная тормозная система и усиленная подвеска.

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Audi A8 L Security Gadgets -- Most Secure Audi Ever

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Перед созданием вопроса по расшифровке ошибок попробуйте вбить номер каждой ошибки в поиск по форуму и почитать похожие уже существующие темы. Audi A8 L Security Сообщение Lost » Вт фев 15, am High-security version of the Audi A8 soon to be launched Audi A8 L Security meets strictest security guidelines Roughly hours of work go into the making of the armored luxury sedan Fuel consumption reduced by three liters compared with predecessor Audi is introducing a new, exclusive model — the A8 L Security.

The long-wheelbase high-security version of the A8 meets the strictest guidelines in force for civilian vehicles, with a host of special security features available in addition to its heavy armoring. At sales launch Audi will offer the W12 engine, with another unit to follow in Both engines combine superior power with high efficiency. Body At 5. The LED headlights, which use light-emitting diodes for all functions, lend a striking expression to its front.

They are part of the standard package in the A8 L Security W When developing the basic design for the A8 model line, Audi engineers already had the high-security version in mind from the very outset. The result is a totally integrated concept far superior to any retrofit solution currently available on the market. All of the major components were analyzed with regard to their deformation properties, giving the A8 L Security an excellent crash performance that is also mindful of the other party involved.

The basis for the high-security car is a previously modified aluminum production body constructed at the Neckarsulm plant as per the Audi Space Frame ASF principle. Specially trained technicians put in roughly hours of work to incorporate the security features — in the uncompromisingly high quality Audi is known for.

When this stage of the process is complete, the car returns to the factory for final assembly. The A8 L Security has been officially certified by a German-government ballistics testing facility in Munich for compliance with the class VR 7 ballistic protection standard tested as per BRV guidelines. Class VR 7 ballistic protection imposes the strictest standards on civilian high-security sedans. The sheet metal and glazing in the passenger cell must withstand firing with NATO hard-core ammunition.

Overlapping protective materials at the joints provide the utmost level of security throughout the occupant cell.

Audi A8 (D3) 4.2 AT 4WD

The interior armoring weighs approximately kilograms 1, The aluminum side sills have solid steel sections built in. These provide increased protection against explosive weapons — an area that has seen a marked stiffening of requirements in recent years. The Audi A8 L Security is capable of withstanding an attack with a military hand grenade.


Even an explosive charge defined from the test program does not pose a lethal threat to passengers, as demonstrated by measurements taken during testing on dummies. The side windows, windshield and rear window are all made of special glass with a polycarbonate coating in the inside to prevent spalling. Optional electromechanical window openers operate the side windows, allowing them to be lowered nearly all the way. The excess weight of the windows amounts to just over kilograms A closing assist feature comes standard for the doors — which weigh an additional kilograms Fuel consumption and toxicity.

Dynamic characteristics. Warranty period, months, : Security Tests Audi A8 D3 4. Euro NCAP. Driver and Passenger Safety, : 5 звезд Child safety, : 4 звезды Pedestrian safety, : 1 звезда.

Next Audi A8 could get RWD-based platform, jettison all-aluminum chassis - Autoblog

Equipment Audi A8 D3 4. Active and passive safety systems. Anti-theft equipment. Audio preparation, Power front seats, central locking,. Fog lights, Alloy wheels,. Owner reviews Audi A8 D3 4. Add Review. Volkswagen Tiguan vs Audi A4. Receive a quote and confirm your order. How to Buy: Step-by-Step Instructions. Get Extra Point! Barthelemy St. Croix St.

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2017 Audi A8 Pre Sense Side test

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